Little CAB Press Titles

13 Sept Cover Front Pic of Alice 2

Pebbles In My Way… Finding God’s Grace by Alice Klies. Have you ever felt life’s challenges resemble the grinding of pebbles in your shoes…irritating trials, always there? Maybe you too have questioned your walk with God or have used the statement, “Why me?” when the pebbles turn into boulders? Karen takes this kind of journey to find God’s grace and learns how to let go and let God. $11.95 at Amazon

Front Weeds In The Flower Part Cover Pic of Dianna

Weeds in the Flower Pot by Dianna Beamis Good is a guided devotional with journal pages and scripture references to record your own thoughts and feelings about life as you draw closer to God. $7.95 at Amazon   Read the blog post here.

November 2017 Cover with text II with greenGayle and Kidscropped

(Temporarily unavailable) Our Home Sweet Home by Gayle Fraser is the story of a group of forest animals who lose their home to a forest fire and have to seek shelter elsewhere for a time, until, by the blessings of God’s renewal, their home is made green again. There is subtle symbolism throughout of faith, hope and God’s love for all His earthly creatures! $9.95 at Amazon  Read the blog post here.


We’ve done it again!! A brand new Christmas anthology with all new stories—12 stories over 168 pages to bring joy to the world this holiday season, plus classics from O. Henry and Hans, with other extras sprinkled throughout! $7.95 at Amazon / $2.99 Kindle


Miki the Reindeer Learns About Love is a heartwarming tale by Taia Joy Flake of how a young reindeer learns the vast and varied meanings of love. You’ll want to share this sweet story with every child you know this Christmas season and again and again throughout the whole year. Can be read alone by young readers or read by adults to sweet youngsters. A beautiful book kids and adults will love reading over and over. $9.95 at Amazon


Anthology of fun fiction stories by both new and seasoned writers. You’ll stand alongside a cowboy in an OK Corral style showdown – stumble across evidence of murder, intrigue and the possibility of finding ancient Aztec treasure while visiting an ancient Native American ruin in Northern Arizona – take a trip with By-lel as he journeys where ever the wind takes him in search of those he might help – meet Caroline and Ashelynn as they lose their father, their family estate home and find new life in Barton Cottage, nestled in the rolling hills of the North Carolina piedmont – find a deeper appreciation for books and libraries – ride across South Africa in a locomotive in 1922 with a Boer on the run from police and the British Army officer who destroyed his life – travel back to a time of kings, castles and fair ladies to meet Guinevere, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Guinevere’s spunky younger sister! 240 fun filled pages $9.95 at Amazon/ $2.99 Kindle


Anthology of stories about triumph over adversity by both professional and amateur writers—with a mixture of non-fiction narratives of miraculous or especially wondrous experiences and fiction stories. 176 inspiring pages $7.95 at Amazon/ $2.99 Kindle


Anthology of Christmas stories by both professional and amateur writers—ten non-fiction narratives of miraculous or especially wondrous Christmas memories and five fun fiction Christmas stories. 190 holly, jolly pages $7.95 at Amazon/ $2.99 Kindle